Project outputs

The main outcomes of the project include:

  • One (1) joint study of gaps and inequalities across the CB area
  • One (1) joint CB Action Plan for addressing the needs of vulnerable and special groups
  • One (1) guide for citizens and visitors with information on special, accessible health and social services available in the CB (printed and also made also available in alternative formats for various types of disabilities), based on the findings from systematic inspections and data collection across the region
  • Three (3) Pilot Health and Social Care Centers for all, each with:
    • a help desk for citizens and area visitors, where citizens and visitors can refer to receive information and guidance
    • public access Information Points (infokiosks), that citizens can use to access key information and services produced in Cross4all
    • trained staff to help citizens create and maintain their own personal health records on the Cross4all cloud
    • multidisciplinary teams of health experts, appropriately trained and equipped for offering preventive health services, diagnostic pre-assessment, guidance, prescription services, etc.
    • a Mobile Unit able to deliver a large part of the aforementioned services at the homes of people with disability and/or reduced mobility
  • One (1) open, multilingual and fully accessible to people with disabilities cloud-based CB Portal, which will offer access to citizens to various eServices, including an Electronic personal health record mechanism for CB use (for creating and maintaining online personal health records - alone or with the help of the staff of the Centers or the Mobile Units), an e-learning environment on health and digital health literacy, e-Prescription and e-Referral services
  • One (1) free mobile app for citizens and medical tourists, with georeferenced and personalized guidance and support throughout the CB area
  • Various publicity and raising awareness activities, events and tools
  • Workshops and seminars for:
    • staff of the Pilot Health and Social Care Centers and the of the Mobile units
    • healthcare and social care professionals from the CB area
    • improving self-management skills of citizens
  • One (1) impact assessment and lessons-learnt study
  • One (1) sustainability, transferability and capitalization study