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Conference paper: Cloud Based Personal Health Records Data Exchange in the Age of IoT: The Cross4all Project

ConferenceInternational Conference on ICT Innovations

Proceedings: ICT Innovations 2020: ICT Innovations 2020. Machine Learning and Applications (pp 28-41)



The paper presents some of the results of the Cross4all project. The main aim of this paper is to highlight the proposed model of integrated cloud based cross border healthcare systems that introduce a PHR concept and support effort of introducing an e-health strategy where the patient is owner of data and the key point of data collection, using different manners of data acquiring, sometimes not connected with hospitals and country of living. The increase of e-health and health digital literacy in the region is also the point of interest needed for the acceptance of the concept and proposed model. 

Authors:  Savoska Snezana, Vassilis Kilintzis, Boro Jakimovski, Ilija Jolevski, Nikolaos Beredimas, Alexandros Mourouzis, Ivan Corbev, Ioanna Chouvarda, Nicos Maglaveras and Vladimir Trajkovik