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Conference Paper: Towards Integration Exposome Data and Personal Health Records in the Age of IoT

Conference: Bioinformatics


Nowadays we are facing with data flood in many areas. Big data come from numerous sources such as activities, measuring instruments, smart phones, and many appliances connected to computers or smart phones, collecting all these data in huge repositories. One of the most challenging topic in the next decade will be how combination of genome and exposome data will contribute to reveal the risks of particular diseases. According to the medical scientists, the exposome includes all exposure environmental factors from chemical and nonchemical agents, socio-behavioral, psychological factors as stress, diet, endogenous and exogenous factors from whole lifespan. The growth of using mobile and ubiquitous computing technologies contributes in increasing the number of records regarding personal health of patients. Internet of Things (IoT) includes the development of wearable measurement sensors connected with Bluetooth, which are capable to capture and store health-related data, intended to store in patient health records. Exposome is a broader concept in healthcare and medicine, interdisciplinary and integrated approach of many sciences such as epidemiology, computing, analytics, environment sciences, toxicology, social science. We aim to integrate these data collected from various sensors and detectors to the PHR in order to provide better disease prognosis, diagnosis and treatment. 

Authors:  Savoska Snezana1, Blagoj Ristevski2, Natasha Blazheska –Tabakovska3 and Ilija Jolevski4

1,2,3,4 St. Kliment Ohridski” University - Bitola, Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies - Bitola, ul. Partizanska bb 7000, RN Macedonia